While there isn’t much that is left unwritten about the city that doesn’t sleep, I wanted to remind myself of the diversity that is offered in this spectacular city, and perhaps ignite the fire in you to get to the East Coast of the USA… especially if you’ve never been to the States, and if you’re one of those people that just think of New York as ‘just another big city’.

When I hear the words ‘New York’, it conjures up such a mixture of image and emotion.

I firstly think of the iconic sites…. Yellow cabs, the bright lights of Broadway and the Statue of Liberty, then I recall the noise of honking traffic and the shuffle of thousands of footsteps on the pavement. Then there is the emotional connection of remembering 9/11 and the toll that it took on such a untouchable city. For me New York is the quintessential city destination, and while it’s easy to think that all big cities are the same, New York is unlike no other.

My #1 tip for New York…. GET LOST!

There is nothing like getting lost in a big city, and New York is one of the best (and easiest) to do it in. With the extensive Subway network to guide you, you’re never lost for long, but the beauty of New York doesn’t lie on its tour buses or on guided tours. It’s hidden amongst it’s many boroughs and villages, and unless you take the time to get out, wander and explore, you’ll miss the very pulse of this spectacular city.

So, where to start? That’s a tough one, as there is SO much to see (and do) and it would be impossible to see it all in a normal visit to New York, BUT to give you a guide, here are a few of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods, and a couple of other favorite city highlights.


This is the New York ‘mecca’ for any traveller with a ‘To do list’, as this is where you’ll find all of the Iconic attractions like Broadway, Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler building and the Rockefeller Centre. There is theatre, shopping, dining, museums, and so much more! Don’t let all the bright lights distract you though… there is still SO much more to New York!

Stay at the Hudson Hotel, an innovative, stylish and utterly cool hotel. This boutique hotel is a gem & just steps away from Central Park.

Central Park

It’s impossible to go to New York and NOT visit Central Park. There is something to see around every corner, and activities a plenty. At any time of the year you’ll find everything from baseball, softball, chess, fishing, music, film festivals and so much more…

If you are there in winter, put your skates on and take to the ice rink or if that doesn’t inspire you? Rug up, grab a hot dog (from the street stands of course) and just take a walk, or even better, a hansom cab ride around the park. (That’s a traditional horse-drawn carriage for those not in the know!)


Known for its rocking nightlife in converted meatpacking warehouses, long standing gay scene, tree lined streets & art galleries, Chelsea is a rad little place to get lost. Eateries, Bars & Flea markets will keep you entertained for hours.


Shopping, culture, architecture, galleries and restaurants ensures that SoHo is one of Manhattans fashionable suburbs. Plan your dining arrangements well in advance, with well-known restaurants in high demand.. You may even spot a celebrity or two!

If you want to check out some of the famous architecture of SoHo, head to Greene Street. Here you will find five blocks of cast iron buildings that were built between the years 1869-95, and now help to put SoHo on the architectural map. Around Greene St is where you’ll find many of the mentioned galleries, shops, boutiques and art studios.

Stay – . Arlo Hudson Square – English elegance in the middle of New York, and located on the gorgeous cobbled streets of Soho. A stunning boutique hotel, in an excellent location with everything on your doorstep.

So there you have it… a small glimpse into what I love about New York and the variety of experiences it has to offer, and if you’re inspired to get over there and need a hand let me know, because there is truly something for everyone.



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