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(Image source: by xhani_rm) Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y busy of late, so I've not found the time to write a super inspiring travel post for you this week (or last week for that matter… opps!), so instead I thought a little ‘Travel Quote’ Inspo might do the trick. Who...

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Land of Milk & Honey!

Offers a world of excitement to those traveling to Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. With the professional guidance of multilingual travel experts that are familiar with every hidden corner in the entire region, prepare yourself to take a wild ride that...

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About Me

Maya-Goodwin-White-Bg-160x168 |Goodwings

They say that there is almost nothing more beautiful than watching someone talk about something they are truly passionate about. Whether it’s a person or a place...

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 Maya Goodwin

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