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Well, with the financial year just ended and I gather up my never ending paperwork on my table (I know, I really need to get with technology), I want to thank you once again for being a part of my journey, and allowing me to be a part of yours.

As an independent travel specialist, I don’t take your support for granted.

I know that when it comes to booking travel, you have  plenty of choices, so I am honoured that you have chosen me to work with you to make your travel dreams a possibility.


Still one of my favourite places on my bucket list on the planet, Cuba is worth visiting NOW before it turns into a tourist trap and is no longer the Cuba of last year.

I say this because after diplomatic relations between the U.S and Cuba resumed last year, U.S citizens can now visit Cuba, and whilst still restricted to 12 specific travel purposes, more and more American’s will be making the journey to Cuba for a taste of that forbidden fruit, that has been a no go zone for so long.

While the increase in American tourists, may not ‘ruin it’ as such, Cuba will most certainly evolve in one way or another, and to see it turn into a western tourist trap will break my heart.

The beauty of Cuba is that it is still relatively untouched from Western culture. From the vintage cars to the vibrant cities, and the fact that there aren’t McDonalds restaurants on every corner.

For the time being it’s still the real deal, so go now and soak up the culture. Salsa dance in an underground club, sip Mojitos at an Al fresco cafe and commandeer a 1950’s convertible for the afternoon, before the thousands of Carnival Cruise ship passengers beat you to it!



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After last year 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, killing more than 8000 people and displacing thousands more, the country is on the mend, and if there is one thing they need, it’s the tourist dollar to help boost the economy.

They need us to go back!



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With it’s snow capped, Himalayan mountains and world renowned hiking routes, Nepal is one of the most popular destinations for adventure and nature lovers alike. They copped a massive blow after the Earthquake, with a serious drop in tourist numbers, but with all of the popular hiking routes (even Mt Everest) and their UNESCO heritage sites all re-opened, tour operators and agencies are urging us to return.

Heading to Nepal in 2016 will not only enable you to experience one of the worlds most scenic landscapes, but you can contribute to their recovery as well.

You can choose to volunteer and be a part of the rebuilding process, with many agencies and companies running programs where you can get involved.

I’ve seen some photos and heard of people who have hiked among the highest mountains in the world, interacting with the Nepalese people and witnessing their big smiles first hand, they can honestly say that there isn’t another place on earth quite like it, so go now and help them return to their humble, yet beautiful way of life.


Brazil is one of those destinations that you’ll find on most travellers bucket lists, and with over 5 million international tourist arrivals annually, it’s their idyllic beaches, iconic landmarks and of course Rio’s spectacular & colourful street parade ‘Carnival’ that lures in travellers from all over the world.

But there is another reason that you should go now. Our Aussie dollar goes further!

With the falling value of our Aussie dollar against currencies like the USD and GBP,  it can hit travellers hard and potentially deter you from travelling to some of the most popular destinations. (Sorry America and England).

But there are still some places where the value of our currency has actually gone up and Brazil is one of them!

So if you’re looking for a destination that will allow you to stretch your tourist dollar by staying longer, experiencing more, buying Havaianas and drinking Caipirinha on the beach for $1AUD, then Brazil will tick all the boxes.

Oh and if you’re a fan of sport, then RIO are hosting the 2016 Olympic Games this August, so there is some added incentive for you to get over there this year.



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There you have a few tips on where you should plan to visit in 2016-2017, and why you should go now, rather than ‘oh, I’ll get there one day’.

These are just a few places close to my heart, that I feel are 100% worth visiting now. One day might never come, or one day could be too late to experience these destinations in all their glory.

Enjoy your week everyone, and happy travel dreaming!




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