Offers a world of excitement to those traveling to Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. With the professional guidance of multilingual travel experts that are familiar with every hidden corner in the entire region, prepare yourself to take a wild ride that won’t be easily forgotten.
Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah or even wedding in Israel- what better way is there to commemorate these rare milestones than rejoicing at the Western Wall, Masada, or any other special place in Israel! Whether this will be your first visit or fiftieth- these milestones will be remembered.

Goodwings | tailor made journeys | jerusalem israel

Take a look into the fascinating Jewish world of the past and contemporary Jewish life of the present. Explore the ongoing and extraordinary story of the Jewish people, connect to your roots and strengthen your personal and collective Jewish identity. In such a diverse, historically rich area, it’s crucial that you are in good hands. Our professional, multilingual tour guides, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, will provide you with fascinating insights about the sites that matter to you most.

Visit Jerusalem, where you can walk through the old city, the Jewish Quarter, the City of David and the Cardo. Tour the streets of Old Jaffa and take a journey into the past at the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv. Travel to the Negev, climb (or take a cable car…) to the Masada fortress and swim in the Dead Sea. Ascend to the Northern region of Israel and see Caesarea, Haifa, Safed, Akko, Tiberius, The Galilee and the Golan heights – places where you can experience the essence of the Jewish culture, faith and purpose – firsthand.

Goodwings | tailor made journeys | jerusalem israel
You will be able to experience an empowering adventure in the region with guides who are eager to share their expertise and show you the thrilling side of this beautiful region. You can take part in jeep tours, desert bike tours, camel rides and additional extreme attractions. Hikers can enjoy climbing mountains, walking through desert canyons, through lush forests and a wide range of additional terrains. The views are breathtaking and there is always a sense of accomplishment at the end of each and every activity.
We can offer short region specific tours, longer Israel overview tours, or city specific tours for your enjoyment before or after your event- we are happy to be of service with a number of our experienced guides in a number of languages!

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