With 2016 coming at us FAST, I figure it’s a great time to reflect on my year that was 2015 and set some goals for the new year. It also got me thinking about New Year’s Resolutions v’s Bucket Lists. I wonder,  is there more value in creating a full list of goals, dreams & desires with specific items to achieve and aim for, rather than some a random resolution that you declare and then generally (in most cases) fail to follow through on? Or is a Bucket List just another way for us to say all of the things we WANT without any specific goals to help us get there? hmmmm

I don’t know about you, but I’m CRAP at new year’s resolutions. Admittedly I’ve never had any nasty habits to try and kick like smoking, drinking excessively or eating shit, but I normally jump on the band wagon and make one or two random statements like ‘ I WANT TO EAT BETTER’ or ‘I WANT TO TALK MORE AND TEXT LESS’ and of course it never happens.

This year was kind of different though, and I went for a different angle….

It seemed too late for me to be making ‘New Year’s resolutions (and they never seem to work anyway) so on the suggestion from a friend I created a bucket list!

I know the term ‘bucket list’ sounds morbid, as they are generally a list of things to do ‘before you die’, but I was keen to look at it as more of an inspiration list. So, to get started I created a list of 5 things I wanted to do that would help me live the life I love.

The list would be made up of things that I either wanted to see, experience or achieve, and traits that I wanted to live by. This also includes items on my list that would involve others or directly benefit other people, as I know that part of how I see my future is a life of generosity and gratefulness.

I felt that having a list (that is no way comprehensive) would help me find some focus, direction and motivation to start living for now, and create opportunities to share these experiences with people I love. I figure that even if I achieved just one thing, it would mean that I’ve done SOMETHING for myself, that I’d wanted to do (otherwise it wouldn’t have been on the list!).

Below are some of my favourite (old) things I’m hoping to tick off this year. By sitting down and looking at what I really wanted to do, it inspired me to get out there and start doing some of them… Without that list, I may have still done one or two, but I wouldn’t have had anything tangible to go to when I was looking for some motivation.

So, here ya go!

Go on a yoga retreat to Bali.


Yoga had become a huge part of my life in 2014/2015, and I have tried to maintain a regular practice. I am lucky enough to have an amazing Yoga studio close to home in Lane Cove (Bikram Yoga), I’ve gained so so much from attending classes with the various teachers I’ve met, but I wanted to explore it a little deeper. For as long as I’ve done Yoga I’ve wanted to do a retreat in Bali. There is just something about it that is always calling me.

It will be absolutely PERFECT that one of my favourite Yoga teaches Rowena Jayne – Real Food Yogi is hosting next year a 6 day retreat in Bali next year. www.rowenajayne.com

Try stand up paddle boarding.

This one seemed basic compared to the other items I was able to tick off my list this year, but my bucket list isn’t all about big trips, and grand experiences. I want to learn and discover things in my own backyard as well, as it’s often the little things or moments, that end up being the most special.

Paddle boarding on a flat bay or lake hopefully is easy enough and good for my core strength, …. Something that I definitely need to practice!

Take my dad to Ayers Rock –  Uluru & Alice Springs.


When I first wrote my bucket list, my Dad would often chime in and say he’d love to do this, or love to do that …. And then he mentioned he’ll want to travel one day to Alice Springs & Ayers Rock – Uluru, so I made a note of it and decided that next year,  would shout my Dad a ticket and bring him along to Australia. It’s more that I’m giving us time to explore some of the world together, and that in itself is priceless.

Increase my weight training and smash out as many chin ups as I can. 

Ok , so this is a little less life changing and a little more superficial, but this year I REALLY wanted to strive for something for my health and fitness, and with my best personal trainer and health professional John Volonakis from The Fitcorp Factory in my life to count, I figured that I should take advantage of that.

Strength training has always interested me as I’ve never been one to run on a treadmill for hours, and being a slightly competitive (ok, very competitive … with myself mostly) I know that achieving goals is something that I love to work for, so setting a goal like ‘Do 10 Chin up’s was a pretty fun target.

In the end I trained, and I have loved it, so I kind of failed that part of the ‘bucket list goal’, BUT  I’m up to 3 sets of assisted 10 chin up’s in my work out (which is WAY more than I thought I’d ever be able to do), so I’m pretty happy with that.

Go back & cycle in Vietnam.

Exploring one of the Islands on Halong Bay, by bike!

While I hadn’t ever really defined exactly how much cycling I wanted to do in Vietnam, I knew that it was a great way to see the various towns and cities as it allows you to immerse yourself a little bit and get a little closer to the action… SO I made sure that wherever we go to Vietnam that we’ll do some cycling on the itinerary.

I would like to cycle in Halong Bay, Hoi An and Nha Trang and go to see lots of the smaller back streets, and remote locations that truly highlights the pulse of the country.

I would like to go out to remote herb farms, and farming communities that can only be accessed by bike… A beautiful way to see the sights.

So, there you have it, my five bucket list moments from 2015!

In the end I find the idea of a Bucket List a little more promising than having a single (or list of ) New Year’s resolutions, as it gives me a tangible list of things that I can look to for inspiration at any time of the year.

I do however intend on creating a personal mantra for 2016 to live by, to go along with the things I want to see, do, learn, achieve and discover.

Either way having some ideas about how you want to live and what you want to achieve is a great thing, so hopefully this will inspire you to create a list of your own, and get out there.

Live your life and do things that make your soul shine. Life is too short, so take control and whether it’s a big dream or a small moment with a loved one… you should make it happen.

In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful New Year, and hope that 2016 is your best year yet. Full of love, laughter, good health, adventure and new experiences.

XXX Maya.

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