My first adventure to the Northern Territory has ended, and now back in cooler climates and my everyday live, I can reminisce on my trip, and start reflecting on how this amazing experience was.

You haven’t experienced the real Australia until you have taken a journey to the Top End. From the steamy streets of tropical Darwin to the outback, here are my top 5 suggestions of things to do, ensuring you see the best of the Northern Territory.

Distance – Be prepared!

There is a long way between petrol stations and attractions. Don’t underestimate how long it may take to travel, so plan your trip and carry water with you every time. Avoid travel at night just because it’s safer for you and the animals. The roads are really good between all major attractions, but everywhere takes a fair time to get to, so plan your trip and take regular breaks to stop fatigue.

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Early starts mean you enjoy the day

Whilst we went at the end of the wet season, the temperatures went up to high-20 degrees Celsius every day we were there. By 11am, it was so hot.  The best way to see the sights without expiring, was to get up very early and see everything and do what you wanted, before the heat made it too tiring and unpleasant. Head back to a pool by mid afternoon

Off Peak Travel

Travelling outside September (all peak times) means its not as crowded (though the weather was warming up in late April) But you get to see many places which are not busy, campgrounds aren’t full and you have some places all to yourself!

We loved seeing some Gorges where we were the only people!  We walked around and hardly a person was there. It really allows you to appreciate the beauty when you are there by yourselves (or nearly). Campsites are not as crowded, which means you will have a greater choice where you set up.

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Campsites and shade

What you need and want in a campsite comes down to personal preference. One factor that we found with nearly all of them is that shade is minimal. BYO shade shelters because you will most likely need it, especially in warm weather.

Foreign territory camp sites and shade | Goodwings

I have chosen only a small proportion of the many places you can camp in this part of the NT. Of course, as all reviews I reflect my personal experience at that time, you might differ in your opinion if you have traveled there.

Reception coverage

3G coverage was very touch-and-go. Even a short distance outside of Kakadu, we had no coverage with our mobiles.
Do not rely on your mobile as a means of communication.

A trip to the Northern Territory wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the ancient land of Kakadu. And there is no better way to experience the rich indigenous history of this land than with an experienced guide.

Be prepared to be mesmerised by the raw stunning scenery littered with cascading waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art and wildlife.

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Kakadu is a two-hour drive from Darwin.  If your time is tight choosing a tour would be the best thing to do, if not, be adventurous and do a self-drive. Kakadu is a well-developed park so it’s not too difficult to do it yourself and there is a varied range of accommodation on offer.

Before we left, we read up a lot about where we hoped to visit and what to expect. That helped us greatly. Check out the links at the bottom of this page for a couple of websites we used and would recommend.

Hope you’ll find this blog useful if you’ll ever plan your trip to the Northern Territory! Enjoy reading and feel free to share with your loved ones and friends.

To your wanderlust life,

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