If there’s one thing parents have in common with small business owners, it’s the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. It takes a special kind of perseverance – and the ability to function without sleep – to pull off parenthood and business ownership at the same time.

As a mother of 2 young children it’s a challenge, but totally doable. Where some people might be overwhelmed, my motto is to embrace all the demands thrown at me. “When there’s a lot going on, you can do a lot, so why not pile it all on?”

When I first started to work as a self-employed I promised myself I’ll find time for things like school pick-ups and drop-offs, and in-classroom volunteering opportunities. I do maintain a schedule now that allows me the flexibility to do it on a daily basis. Occasionally I would have meetings that require from me to organize myself differently.

My girls were both under age of 5 at the time – in fact, my youngest was only three months old. I was going a little stir-crazy, it was just a side thing at first. I didn’t expect it to take off as fast as it did.

But that’s exactly what happened.

I’m actually able to work from home and sometimes I work on weekends, so I’m able to be with my kids during the week. I drop them off and pick them up and go to all their sports activities. My husband is in charge for the soccer games-:), but that does mean that once they go to bed the laptop’s open and I’m getting work done. My daughter sometimes comments…”Mum, can you get a “normal” job like other mums? meaning… Can you go in the morning and come back early evening and not be on the laptop all day long? Well, she is still young to understand the benefits of being self-employed and that’s why I encourage every mother who has the abilities, the capability of running her own schedule and create work for herself –  JUST DO IT! In fact all the mothers I know are running their own “home” business anyway by juggling million tasks at once.

I understand it’s not for everyone, but if you have it in you , don’t be intimidate of not earning money for the next year or so…it’s taking time to build a business. I’m NOT even looking back one day.

The convenience of having web-based software and being able to access it from anywhere is huge! It definitely makes it easier for me to be where my kids are in the moment, and not in a city based office.

I am one of those rare individuals who looks forward to getting up, pouring a cup of coffee and going to work every morning. I have a 26 step commute to my home office where I connect every day with friends and great people all over the globe. I get to help my clients explore the world, check items off their bucket lists, share life changing memories with their loved ones and come home with a suitcases full of amazing experiences.

Feeding the hopes and dreams of my clients to improve their lives,  it is more about that than it is about the pricing. Sure I have to get the best deal for my clients , but if I want to keep them as a client I need to understand where they are coming from, and that’s called empathy. Travel agent is a great business for me because people’s hopes and dreams are sustainable and they don’t disappear. Everybody has hopes and dreams…I’m lucky enough to be in a business of people’s hopes and dreams.

People still find the process of booking through a travel agents to be worthwhile: they can often get better deals than what’s on the web, they cop the same commissions on hotels as Expedia and Wotif (about 10 per cent), plus they do all the legwork, and are a central, single contact if things go wrong when you’re overseas.

Think of your travel agent as a pretty good substitute for a details-oriented mum. Well… That’s kind of me – super mum:))

Tell me, does this all sound like a bad day at the office to you?


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